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  1. Dog Owners Turn To Organic Dog Food
    In a recent documentary on Channel 5, ‘The Truth About Your Dog’s Food’, dog owners discovered that cheap ingredients are being placed into commercial pet food. Since the programme aired many people are changing the way they feed their dogs, giving them more healthy and trustworthy products. Graig Farm Organics, have seen a 45% increase in sales of organic dog...
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  2. Valentine's Meal For Two
    As the most romantic day of the year approaches, we get ready to take plenty of orders on all our different produce. Many people tend to cook a meal rather than go out to a busy restaurant and face a two hour wait for food! At Graig Farm we have decided to help you out with giving you some inspiration...
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  3. Another Organic Harvest
    Once again here at Graig Farm we have enjoyed a very successful organic harvest. The weather really has been so kind to us, allowing us to work in only shorts and t-shirts to get the harvest completed in record time. In the sunshine, cutting, drying and bailing doesn't seem so bad after all, especially when we are safe in the...
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  4. Horse meat scandal
    Before I get on to the source of our meat let me answer a few questions regarding the current horse meat scandal. Do any of our products contain horse meat? NO NEVER Do we have cross contamination of our products? NEVER Do we try and deceive customers by labelling products incorrectly? NEVER  Do we import any of our meat and poultry products from...
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