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  1. Graig Farm Goat

    Graig Farm Goat
    Graig Farm Goat   At Graig farm we have been supplying goat meat throughout the UK via mail order for many years. Our goats are all reared outside where they can forage in their natural habitat. As you are probably aware goats get everywhere, and are not content with just eating grass! They will indeed take advantage of the young...
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  2. Welsh Mountain Lamb
    I have great childhood memories of welsh mountain lamb, but it wasn’t until I got a taste for travelling that I realised how good it actually was! Welsh Mountain Lamb is known all over the world for its sweet taste andwe have been explaining for many years to our customers the reasons for this succulent, tender, juicy meat. So I...
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  3. Paleo Diet

    Paleo Diet
    With so many theories these days about what we should or shouldn’t be eating, it’s hard to know who to listen to! There are so many diets that claim to be the next big thing , from cutting some foods out, to only eating one certain food, or from counting calories to taking fasting days. But I was reading recently...
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  4. Reviving Old Herbage - The Secret to Great Meat?
    I believe that grazing fields rich in varieties of old herbage makes a huge contribution to the flavor of our meat. I’ve spent much time reviving old herbage by re-introducing a wide range of grasses and clovers to the land. Why clover? Clover grown in forage leys offers a natural alternative to modern day fertilizers and provides a home-grown source...
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