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  1. What are the advantages of organic farming?
    What are the advantages of organic farming? Organic farming and food may have once been considered a fad, but choosing to buy and eat organic produce has become very much part of the mainstream shopping habits. According to a whole host of surveys, nearly half of us regularly buy organic produce, and that’s despite the fact that some items can...
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  2. Farmageddon - An insight into intensive farming
    What is intensive farming? Intensive farming constitutes a number of practices across different sectors, covering everything from growing high yield crops with the aid of fertilisers and pesticides to keeping livestock trapped in confined spaces. Intensive farming maximises yield whilst maximising negative implications both morally and ecologically. The consequences of Intensive Livestock Farming: Modern intensive livestock farming creates a huge...
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  3. Wild Boar in the UK
    Graig Farm looks at the history of Wild Boar in the UK. It’s not all that easy being a Wild Boar in the UK in 2014, in facts it’s not too easy to be a Wild Boar across Europe in 2014. Wild Boar’s are often on the end of negative publicity for damaging land, eating crops and dog attacks, we...
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  4. Dog Owners Turn To Organic Dog Food
    In a recent documentary on Channel 5, ‘The Truth About Your Dog’s Food’, dog owners discovered that cheap ingredients are being placed into commercial pet food. Since the programme aired many people are changing the way they feed their dogs, giving them more healthy and trustworthy products. Graig Farm Organics, have seen a 45% increase in sales of organic dog...
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