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Cooking Tips

  1. Get The Most Out Of Your Organic Meat
    Choosing organic meat is an excellent way to make a positive change in your diet, allowing you to feel good about what you’re consuming. Not only are you supporting family run farms, but you are also bringing food to the table that has been cultivated following strict requirements. Once you have selected the meat for you, it is important to...
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  2. Organic Pie Recipes
    Autumn is here and winter is fast approaching, which usually means the need for comfort food begins. A hearty pie is an excellent way to round off a long day at work or a casual weekend during the colder months. Whether you’re more of a chicken, beef, game or vegetable kind of pie lover, we know that this warming choice...
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  3. How To Marinate Meat
      Whether you’re planning a BBQ or looking for some ideas for evening meals with the family, a good marinade and some of our organic meat is a match made in heaven. Marinating is the perfect way to add extra flavour to your meals, whether you opt for chicken, beef, lamb or pork, leaving your meat to soak in sauces...
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  4. Complimenting Your Meat
    When it comes to meat, we know what we’re talking about here at Graig Farm. Our chicken, beef, pork and lamb are farmed organically by ourselves and we truly believe organic is the only way to produce quality, great tasting meat.   But choosing the right accompanying flavours for your meat is essential to creating a tasty dish. Picking vegetables...
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