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Cooking Tips

  1. How to Cook Prime Steaks
    At Graig Farm we have some of the finest organic steak cuts available for you. Cooking them is simple and you can add your own sauces or garnishes to taste. Create your very own 'Steak Night' with our delicious Fillet, Sirloin, Ribeye or Rump steaks. How to cook prime steaks Firstly you need to have an extremely hot frying pan...
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  2. How to Cook Slow Roasts
    Here at Graig Farm Organics we have a firm belief in preventing food waste and protecting the environment. To this end we try to use all of an animal in our cooking to get the most out of each one and to avoid wastage. Some slow roasted dishes provide the most delicious melt in the mouth experiences in cooking and...
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  3. How to Cook Prime Roast Beef
    20 years ago the Rees family achieved their aim to farm entirely organically. Since then Jonathan, Sally and their four children have helped to create the perfect organic environment for their animals. Their approach has made the most of the beautiful lush pastures and rolling hills and this is reflected in the outstanding quality of the Graig Farm produce. We...
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  4. Guide to Roasting Pork
    Preheat your oven to 220 degrees Celsius (gas mark 7). Roast your meat for 30 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius (gas mark 7). Reduce the oven temperature to around 180 degrees Celsius (gas mark 3-4) and continue to roast the meat for 50 minutes per kg (25 minutes per lb). Remove the joint from the oven and check that the...
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