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Christmas Recipes

  1. Mother's Gravy

    Mother's Gravy
    INGREDIENTS 1 pint of vegetable juices from veg and potatoes Stock from meat pan 2 tablespoons corn flour 1 small tablespoon of mustard 1 small tablespoon of horseradish METHOD It has to be said that home is where the gravy is. Good gravy can only come from the juices of meat. Pull the joint out of the pan. Pour the...
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  2. How to Make Delicious Pigs in Honey Blankets
    As Christmas is on the horizon; just over six weeks away to be exact, we thought we would whet your appetite by telling you how to make the perfect pigs in honey blankets. Pigs in blankets are a delectable accompaniment to a traditional turkey dinner on Christmas day, but why not try drizzling honey over them for an irresistible sweet...
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