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Chicken Recipes

  1. Chilli Lime Chicken Kebabs
    Summer is here and for me that means it is time to get out the barbecue. Nothing beats eating outdoors in the summer, surrounded by friends and family, children playing and nature singing it's beautiful song in the background. These Chilli Lime Chicken Kebabs are so easy to make and pop on the barbecue, or if the weather takes a...
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  2. Summer Salad Recipe
    Summer’s here, which means it's time to forego the heavy meals and eat a little lighter. No one wants to be stuck cooking over a hot stove when the weather’s heating up and the best alternative to a stodgy meal is a refreshing salad. Our organic chicken is the perfect ingredient for a summer salad and at Graig Farm, we...
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  3. Roast Lemon Thyme Chicken
    Who doesn't love a beautifully roasted chicken? By adding a couple of extra ingredients you can take your meal to another level, Roast Lemon Thyme Chicken. Delicious Organic Chicken subtly infused with fresh thyme and lemon. Recipe: Roast Lemon Thyme Chicken serves 6 Large 2.2kg Graig Farm Organic Whole Chicken 1 Unwaxed Lemon - scrub in hot water if the...
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  4. Bank Holiday BBQ - Tandoori Chicken
    When it comes to cooking during the summer months, only one thing springs to mind, and that’s barbeques! We all love a good old British barbeque. What could be better than sitting the garden, drinking a bottle of beer and eating tasty meats? Nothing much can beat it when the sun is shining.   But what’s your meat of choice...
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