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Beef Recipes

  1. Organic Meat And A Gluten Free Diet
    What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein mix, designed to help maintain the shape of certain foods. It is commonly found in foods such as bread, pasta and cereals. It is also found in a lot of processed foods including soups, sauces and salad dressings.   What is a Gluten Free Diet? A Gluten free diet involves eating food free...
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  2. Recipe: Roast Beef with Red Wine & Banana Shallots
    Our latest recipe from Graig Farm is a gorgeous and succulent Roast Beef with Red Wine & Banana Shallots. With spring fast approaching we’ve gone for a recipe that would be perfect on a Sunday lunch during the spring months. Ideal for impressing at a dinner party, as it should feed around 6-8 people! What You Need: 2 Kg Graig...
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  3. How to cook the perfect steak
    Graig Farm Organic Beef Sirloin Steak Cooking the Perfect steak This is my favorite steak by far, its so easy and it’s great too for an extra special Sunday roast. Our steaks are cut into 225g each, and are available in packs of one or two. Cooking these is very simple, I always cook in frying pan, I find it gives...
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  4. Pickled Beef also known as Corned Beef or Salt Beef
    In the early years of my life  pickled beef / corned beef or even salt beef was one of those fine dishes that could lay on the kitchen table during the harvests months as a meat dish that was surrounded by great summer greens pickles and chutneys or even that old fashioned lovable hot pot. Our Organic Pickled Beef is...
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