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Struggling with what to make for dinner tonight? No problem. These products are best sellers for a reason – because our customers love them! You will find a range of organic meats, sourced from our cattle, poultry, fish and pork, all suitable for cooking components or complete family meals.

Two of our favourite best-selling box selections are the Organic Everyday Meat Box and the Stewing Boxes. Both are ideal and functional for family feasts and meal planning. Within the contents, you will find combinations of award-winning cuts of beef, lamb, pork, perfectly crafted sausages and tender roast joints.

All at competitive prices, straight from the farm.

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Preparing for the British summer sunshine? Well, if you can’t find the warm weather, at least you can enjoy a range of our fresh barbeque goods to bring a smile to your face. Try our chunky cut steak burgers or our delicious juicy sausages – perfect straight from the BBQ for that smoky charcoal taste.

If you’re looking for a leaner alternative, why not try our chicken burgers and chicken sausages? These are best-sellers amongst our customers looking for a healthier approach to their cooking when they want something just as delicious as pork but with less fat! Season and foil wrap to hold moisture when cooking for a juicy, flavoursome result!
If you’re the head chef in your kitchen, our best-selling organic cooking components can aid you in producing the perfect meals! Customers swear by our chicken stock for soups, broths and gravy, as well as our organic meat bones so that your pets can join you for a nutritious meal too. All organic offal & trim for pets is sourced from the same produce that our award-winning organic meat comes from.

Finally, don’t forget to try out our salmon steaks and fillets. These are perfect for the Friday fish lovers! Cook any way you like, why not accompany with some seasoned vegetables from one of Graig Farm’s organic vegetable boxes. We promise only the finest, wholesome goods for our Graig Farm customers.

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  1. Organic Salmon Fillet

    Organic Salmon Fillet

  2. Organic Salmon Steak.

    Organic Salmon Steak.

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