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Beef Steak

Beef Steak

Few things in life are better than tucking into a succulent beef steak. Our premium selection of organic, free range steak includes everything from ribeye to rump.
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Mouth-Watering Steaks

Steaks don’t just taste exquisite; they’re also versatile as they can be prepared in many ways. They’re perfect for summer BBQs as well as delicious dinners with the family. Whether you’re enjoying yours with organic veg or simply having it with chips, you’ll find the perfect cut for you in our selection.

You can choose from various cuts taken from different parts of the animal, giving you with an array of exciting flavours to try. For unbeatable age-matured flavour, try our premium beef sirloin. Taken from the back of the animal, it’s deliciously tender and packed with flavour. Our organic rump steak is another tender and tasty cut for you to indulge in. You'll only get this depth of flavour from the highest quality grass-fed cows.

If you want something taken from the forequarter, why not try our ribeye cut? The rich texture and superb flavour are enough to make anyone’s mouth mater. The chuck steak is a similar cut, ideal for slow roasting.

You can even get your favourite steaks in our handy meat boxes. The organic beef steak box gives you a fine selection of succulent treats to indulge in, all in one convenient place.

Why Choose Grass-Fed Beef?

Here at Graig Farm, we’re specialists in producing premium quality beef that’s reared to strict organic standards. We only use the best British cattle, which are raised in a free range lifestyle to ensure they’re providing you with healthier meat.

Organic beef is bursting with flavour, but it has other benefits too:
• Free from growth hormones and GMOs
• No pesticides
• Better for the environment
• Trustworthy food from a traceable source

Check out our delicious beef recipes over on the blog for some great meal ideas.