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10 Reasons to Buy Organic Wine

Have you every wondered why Organic Wine tastes so good? Well here are ten good reasons.

1) Organic wines are made from grapes which are cultivated without recourse to synthetic fungicides,herbicides or fertilizers.

2) The use of sulphur dioxide  is much less in organic wine than in its conventional counterparts.Sulphue dioxide is used as both a preservative and a cleansing agent.This helps to reduce the intolereance to wine experienced by asthma and migraine sufferers and those who suffer from skin rashes.

3) In an organic vineyard you'll find other plants apart from the vines. The biodiversity improves the health of the soil and the plants by attracting beneficial insects, spiders and predatory mites. The fact that the soil is healthy enables the plant to draw the optimim level of minerals from the soil and a healthy plant is more resistant to disease and has greater longevity than one which is dependent for its existence on massive amounts of fertilizer.  

4) Biodynamic goes one step beyond organic by looking at the vineyard within the context of the wider environment.It is firmly rooted in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.Life forces and circadian rhythms are the focus.The system works on the premise that the phases of the moon and the alignment of the planets affect the way plants grow..It also incorporates a homeopathicand holistic approach to viticulture.    

5) Organic wine is produced by farmers who believe in the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance the environment for future generations

6)  Organic wine provides you with all the benefits of a traditional glass of wine without harmful pesticides.

7) Organic wines tend to have brighter cleaner flavours.

8) Organic vignerons do not add flavours such as oak chips to their wines and use only very basic winemaking techniques.

9) The production of organic wines uses less energy than their conventional counterparts which is beneficial in the context of global warming.

10) Organic methods of farming help to prevent soil erosion and keep the water supply pure.